I love teaching kids kitchen safety

I have been teaching kids kitchen safety for over 20 years.  This is something I love to do and the kids enjoy it as well.  During the "cooking experience" as the kids call it, they get to pour, stir, mix and best of all taste ingredients to dishes they love.

As an author, I have decided to place the kitchen safety tips in a book titled, Kids Cooking, Kitchen Safety Tips.  This book shares kid friendly kitchen safety tips as well as other things they need to know before they start to cook.

This book is great for kids eager to help out in the kitchen.  I also packaged up the book with an apron, an oven mitt, a dish towel, measuring cups and a recipe card to write down a favorite recipe.

The Kids Cooking Kitchen Safety Tips book can be purchased on Amazon by clicking here

If you are interested in getting the Kids Cooking Kitchen Safety Kit, send email with subject Kitchen Safety Kit here

Do you own an Amazon Alexa Echo?  You can enable the Kids Cooking Kitchen Safety Skill by saying "Alexa, open kitchen safety".

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