Baby Boomers Tsunami

If you were born between the years of 1946 and 1964, you are just like me, a babyboomer!  We are have been the movers and shakers in this great country but guess what?  More and more of us are turning sixty five and getting closer to what the Census Bureau has deemed as the Silver Tsunami!  We already have been making history but this history maker is so huge that it will affect not only babyboomers but everybody worldwide.
Have no fear because Terri B. Jones is here to share with you through voice integration, everything you need to know to thrive and survive the silver tsunami.  Terri is an Amazon Alexa Skills Developer and developed the Baby Boomers Tsunami Facts and Acts Skill with you in mind.  To access this Alexa Skill, click on the link and enable the skill.  Once done, you can download the Amazon Alexa App on your phone and ask Alexa to “Open Baby Boomers Tsunami”.
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