Voice Technology Workshop

Do you have an Amazon Alexa Speaker, Echo Dot, Echo Show or Amazon Alexa App downloaded on your phone and not sure of all of the really cool skills available to entertain your kids with or that your kids can create themselves for entertainment and educational purposes? Well look no further! Terri B. Jones aka Grandma Chickee and her Army Grandkids Milanie and Chrisette will be at your next youth event!

Terri B. Jones, Alexa Skills Developer of 16 Alexa Skills and Milanie and Chrisette Salim, Kids Alexa Skills Preview and Review YouTubers are ready to share with your youth, what is Alexa, how to enable Alexa, how to develop Skills and how you can earn really cool gadgets and even cash as you learn the ins and out of voice technology.

The middle school Tristan's Accelerated Academy Pearls Camp STEM Students in the summer of 2019 were the first to experience Alexa Skills and developed their first Alexa Skill "Mental Health Spies". This Alexa Skill will educate listeners on anger, stress, anxiety and depression along with breathing exercises, motivational sayings and more to help combat these disorders.

Are you ready to have your youth group develop an Alexa Skill? If you are in Savannah, Ga or surrounding area, join us at the next Voice Technology Workshop sponsored by JER Kidpreneur Biz Club on October 12, 2019, 10am to 2pm at 425 Pennsylvania Ave, Savannah, GA. The cost is $10 for registration. To register call, 912-436-4500. See you there!