Terri B. Jones, affectionately known as “The Pillow Lady” throughout Jacksonville, Florida is the mother of 4 young adults, wife of Thomas H. Jones and “Grandma Chickee” to several grandchildren. Terri is a native of New Orleans, LA.

Terri B. Jones, founder of Terri B. Jones Live is an Author, Course Creator, Website Designer, Online Marketer, Amazon Skills and Google Actions Developer. Terri graduated from Phoenix University in 1984 with a degree in Computer Programming and University of Phoenix in 2003 with a degree in Business Information Systems. Terri has worked in IT for over 32 years. Technology, education, and entrepreneurship have been my passion since I was a teenager with six streams of income. Terri B. Jones Live is an opportunity for Terri to utilize her expertise in technology, education, and entrepreneurship while simultaneously impacting the lives of youth in our community who can build upon and need these skills to be competitive in a tech driven society.  She loves to cook, workout, play fun games and help others tap into their God given creativity. She has resided in Jacksonville, FL for over 30 years.  

Since 2018, I have become an Amazon Alexa Skills Expert and have facilitated speaking events such as the True Gamerz Expo,  B2B Business Talking Library and Heroku as a panelist on Voice Technology.  In 2019, I attended the largest Voice Summit Conference in New Jersey with over five thousand in attendance from around the world and was the only voice technology vendor at the Tech Coast Conference in Jacksonville, Florida with thousands in attendance.  I also had the opportunity to teach the students at Pearl Academy STEM Summer Camp how to develop an Alexa Skill titled "Mental Health Spies".  I hosted an Alexa Skills Workshop along with my grandkids at the JER Kidpreneur Biz Club in Savannah, Georgia where the kids developed an exercise skill.  ITPro Camp reached out to me to facilitate Voice Technology Workshops on a monthly basis at Keiser University.  I hosted several workshops there until the coronavirus pandemic.  Now I am taking the Voice Technology Workshop online.  You can now schedule an individual or group training session with me by reaching out here.  I look forward to helping you get your content into the next big thing, voice technology on the millions of Echo device users.   As you continue to read, you will see a link to one of the books I use to teach kids kitchen safety, a link to some of the Alexa Skills developed by youth in the voice technology workshops and the online course to enroll in to get started right away.

Do you have kids eager to get in the kitchen to help stir, pour and measure?  Then I recommend getting a copy of Kids Cooking Kid Friendly Kitchen Safety Tips.  

Terri B. Jones is also an Amazon Alexa Skills Developer of 15 Alexa Skills.  To get a preview of the Three C's of Kitchen Safety, go to Amazon to enable the Kitchen Safety Alexa Skill.  Once enabled, ask Alexa to open Kitchen Safety on your Amazon Echo device or your Amazon Alexa App on your phone.

Alexa Skills Kids Preview & Review

8 and 10 year old Army kids Chrisette and Milanie Salim spend their Sunday evenings making preview and review videos of Kids Alexa Skills. They love going to their grandma “Chickee” house on Sundays since their mom works every Sunday (Army Vet) and dad serves in the Army in another state.  Milanie’s  interest is coding, Chrisette loves dancing and Chickee is a techie which is the perfect combination for hanging out with “Alexa”. Subscribe, like and share Chrisette and Milanie Kids Alexa Skills they love with your family and friends.

Kids Alexa Skills Preview and Review Videos

Mental Health Spies Alexa Skill

Are you ready and willing to partner with mental health spies to bring an end to mental health dilemmas such as anger, stress, anxiety and depression plaguing teenagers. You will learn about these mental health disorders and how to safely see how to navigate throughout your day with positive vibes using your spy gear.  Click here to get started - Mental Health

Voice Integration Course

Beginners Alexa Skills Developer

Do you want to learn how to develop skills without coding for Amazon's Echo Devices? This course is for you!

This is the perfect time to learn Alexa Skill Development. Soon there will be lot of demand for Alexa Skill Developers, as many companies are looking to add Alexa voice control to their products and services.

This Alexa Skill tutorial teaches required skills to become Alexa Skill Developer without having to code. This course covers almost all features of Alexa Skills with real-world example skills (including published skills).

After completing this course, you should be able to develop Alexa Skills.

The Goal for this course

The real goal of this course is to get you capable enough to understand the complexities that go behind designing and creating the voice user interfaces. In that way, you will understand what all pieces are required to build a voice app.

Once you enroll in the Voice Integration Online Course you’ll receive practical teaching and recommended actions to develop your first Amazon Alexa Skill.  The lessons, are delivered via follow along videos and practice examples!

You’ll have 24/7 access to the course — via smart phone or your computer.

It’s  nearly 3 hours worth of content that you can listen to and apply at your own pace.

You gain LIFETIME access to this course which means that you only purchase once.

This 5 week course will help students quickly and easily take advantage of the voice integration market with no coding.  They will develop their own Amazon Alexa Skills.  They will also have access to a no coding Alexa Skills publishing platform.

Your instructor is Terri B. Jones.  Terri is a professional IT entrepreneur and Amazon Alexa Skills Developer with a passion for innovation, technology and creativity.

To take advantage of the Voice Integration Course to become an Amazon Alexa Skills Developer, click here get started - http://bit.ly/tbjalexa .