Can I Have Some Money Mama?

Get ready to help youth move from can I have some money mama to i want to earn some money mama

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Lady Terri B Jones

Hi, I am "Money Mama" and Author of “The 3 Key Strategies to Financial Success: Practical and Biblical Principles” Book. As financial advocate, I prepare and position youth to operate in their God given creativity and purpose to share the word, grow the ministry and be instrumental in helping the church mission of glorifying God in all that we do.

Principle of work

Financial illiteracy challenges have reached an epidemic high in causing major financial problems with individuals, our community and society. Dealing with financial stresses has a direct impact on one’s emotional state, work productivity, stress level and relationships. Financial worries are the top reasons students decide to not further their education. This decision not only hurts the individual but our whole community. As a financial literacy advocate, Lady Terri B Jones used her God given creativity to develop the Money Mama Money Matters Curriculum. Using this curriculum will help youth leaders lay the foundation needed at an early age to help youth execute discipline with money matters and have fun doing it.

What will you learn?

What does the Bible say about money mama?

This is where we lay the foundation based on what the Bible says about money.

Can I Have Some Money Mama?

Youth engage in hands on activities to understand what happens when they ask can i have some money

I'm Ready To Save Some Money Mama

Youth will decide on a career and create a budget and meal plan based on savings and discounts available.

I'm ready to earn some money mama

Youth will tap into their creativity to come up with a product to sell that will be a solution to an existing problem to pitch as a business idea.

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