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Jacksonville FL Alexa Skills Mental Health Voice Integration Services Launched

Jacksonville, Florida, based Alexa Skills developer Terri B. Jones announced her recent collaboration with Tristan’s Accelerated Academy, STEM Camp to combat stress, anger, anxiety and depression with the help of Voice Integration Alexa Skill “Mental Health Spies”.

Jacksonville, United States – August 3, 2019 /PressCable/ —

Terri B. Jones, a Jacksonville, Florida, based Alexa Skills developer, announced that, through her collaboration with Tristan’s Acceleration Academy, Inc. and Pearls Education Enhancement Program, she was successful in developing “Mental Health Spies” Alexa Skill. The new Alexa Skill was created for anyone whose mental disorder is having a negative impact on their life, relationship, other people and the community.

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Voice integration is growing in popularity and voice assistants is set to triple over the next few years to an estimated 8 billion by year 2023.

After learning from student campers that many young people struggle with mental health dilemmas such as anger, stress, depression and anxiety, Terri wanted to tackle this problem by providing them with the right educational information on mental health in a fun and engaging way.

The Mental Health Spies Alexa Skill starts out by sharing facts about mental health disorders, the dangers of these disorders, relaxation techniques, their overall impact but, most importantly, several opportunities to get good out of experiencing these disorders.

When one enables the Mental Health Spies Alexa Skill, they are able to have fun and a great day with only 7 minutes of their time daily. Learning these management skills can help save an important relationship, create security on a job, improve physical health, decrease risk factors associated with mental disorders, as well as improve general psychological wellbeing.

The Mental Health Spies Alexa Skill can be enabled from any Alexa device or the Amazon Alexa Skills App for free. This skill does not provide medical advice and is for informational and educational purposes only.

Terri B. Jones has over 32 years in information technology, is an author of 14 books and the developer of 15 Alexa Skills, and volunteers her spare time to teaching kids living healthy skills such as reading, cooking, fitness and money management. Part of her mission with voice integration as a living healthy advocate is to encourage living healthy routines as early as possible with today’s youth.

In addition, as part of her efforts to bring cutting edge Voice Integration Technology Workshops to STEM programs throughout Jacksonville, Florida, Terri is now offering Voice Integration Workshops where students will have the opportunity to use their creativity to develop fun and engaging Alexa Skills, prove to be developers, enter contests, earn gadgets and/or cash and be known as pioneers in the voice integration space.

Workshop attendants will also have the opportunity to join ARMY Kids Milanie and Chrisette Salim video segments for the Kids Alexa Skills Preview and the Review video series designed to educate viewers of the top Kids Alexa Skills that promote physical movement through exercising, dancing, singing, conflict resolution and more.

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